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is a drum, bass, and electronics duo from Milton Villarrubia III (drums and laptop) and Carlos Santistevan (bass and electronics) who share 15 years of working together as a rhythm section in various projects.  The Duo takes bass, drums and electronics to a new place.  Both members play hybridized versions of their instruments with Milton using Midi triggers on his drums to trigger and process samples using Ableton Live and Carlos using live looping and signal processing on his upright electric bass.

The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.

Recently the duo has taken on an alter ego, iNK oN pAPER aCOUSTIC as an alternate approach to their compositions and improvisations.   The alter ego manifests as upright bass and drums, no electronics and brings a new slant to their unique play on music.

Collectively the 2 have shared the stages with many greats including: Dennis Gonzalez, Myra Melford, Dub Trio, Claudia Quintet, Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, The Ahleuchatistas, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Rob Brown, Roscoe Mitchell, Tatsuya Nakatani, Anthony Davis, Gutbucket, Kidd Jordan, J.A. Dino Deane, Nicole Mitchell, Chris Jonas, Ed Peterson, Mark Dresser, Thollem McDonas and Tsigoti, Zimbabwe Knenya, Vijay Iyer, Greg Osby, et al.

The 2 have/still perform in: Out of Context, The Late Severa Wires, The Miltones, A. Barnhouse, Knot My Soul, WATIV, The Uninvited Guests, Taiji Pole, Grilly Biggs, Green Orbit, at a loss…and others.


Official Demo- CD and Download release-High Mayhem Records- February 2013
Live in the RedStick – download only release High Mayhem Records-April 2011
iNK oN pAPER-s/t CD and dropcard release High Mayhem Records -June 2010